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Ciska, The Netherlands, January 2017
MAria Aviles / February 3, 2017

Ciska, The Netherlands, January 2017
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My name is Ciska and I’m from The Netherlands! I studied in Malta at am Language just for 2 weeks to improve my Business English for work purpose. Overall, the time spent in Malta was way too short; time flew when I was there!

I chose am Language because of their best references and it’s a cute little school. In my opinion you learn more in small classes and make friends in a really short time. And.. it all happened! I started my lessons at an Intermediate level. It was a good level for me because prior to the lessons I felt I could help myself out with speaking and writing English but I wanted to learn more about Business settings. My gorgeous teacher Mandy helped me out; she was excellent. She was so helpful, she explained everything so well and she teaches with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen from any teacher I had at school before!!

My personal challenge was to make myself feel comfortable in Business conversations. We practised a lot of Business settings, meetings, presentations and discussions so I had the opportunity and possibility to speak plenty of ‘business language’ and use the jargon correctly.
Thanks to my Turkish classmate and my teacher Mandy , I really enjoyed my lessons and when I look back and think about my time in class, I can’t help but smile.
I also had lessons with Jonathan, who is also an excellent teacher! He’s a calm teacher who explained everything so well and was ever so helpful.

From both teachers I got some homework to do which was not on daily basis, however, if I wanted to learn more about one specific topic I practised at home by myself or I prepared myself for the next lesson. Thereby, I also had free time which I spent socialising with other students and joined some activities which were organised by the school. My most memorable experience in Malta is that I encountered so many different cultures and beautiful people in my short stay! I’ll never forget this experiences.

For all the people who want to learn English, I definitely would recommend am Language in Malta , specifically because at this school everyone gets to know each other and the teachers are really professional.
Also, because Maltese people have grown up with English as their own language (an interesting factor I didn’t know about before ) Therefore like native speakers can adjust to your own level; in every supermarket, gym and restaurant… everyone speaks English fluently so it will help you practise more and more in a really short time!