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Chris, South Korea, March 2021
MAria Aviles / April 14, 2021

Chris, South Korea, March 2021
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Hello my name is Chris I am from South Korea!

I have been in Malta for 1 Month now!

I chose AM Language, because my agency recommended it and I like to join the school activities that the school offers.

I am currently in intermediate class.  My teacher is Philip. He is a good teacher, because he always corrects my speaking mistake and I am grateful for that. At the moment I struggle with the listening part of my exam, because in the audio the people always speak so fast. In class I love talking with my lovely colleagues. After school I also go with them drinking a coffee and keep speaking English.

The most memorable moment in Malta was when I went to Gozo. We rented a quad and visited beautiful places!

If you want to learn English I strongly recommend you to join the AM Language school activities! It is the best opportunity to learn English!