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Chris, Germany, January 2018
MAria Aviles / February 5, 2018

Chris, Germany, January 2018
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Hello everyone! I am Chris and I come from Germany.

I have just arrived Malta but I will spent here 9 days, and I took the English training at AM Language studio, of course!

I was sure about take this school because the web page convinced me. So I can say Internet was the main reason why I decide to go in.

I started in pre-intermediate but I want to learn more during my stay.

My teacher is Jonathan and I am very glad with him.

What I improved more is my way of speaking, I can say I feel more self-confidence now.

But what I most enjoyed in my lessons is the funny people from Italy, their English sound is really different. They always make jokes and we enjoy a lot together.

My classmates are good, and also I can say I learnt from them.

I also study at home but just when I have homework.

My most memorable experience in Malta it was learning English because like this I can go to London, my favorite city.

My best advice if you asked me about choosing an English school in Malta is simple: Go to AM!