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Chiara, Italy, November 2015
Chris Knights / January 26, 2016

Chiara, Italy, November 2015
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Hi everyone, I’m Chiara, an Italian girl from the south of Italy. I arrived here in Malta a week ago, but I can already say that it‘ll be an incredible experience. Just few weeks ago, I was wondering about a place where I could study to improve my English skills, and now, here I AM!! Surfing on the Net I found a lot of positive reports talking about AM Language School. Moreover, a friend of mine had enthusiastically recommended this school because its professionalism and reliability. So I decided to move here in Malta. A team of young and smiling guys welcomed me and they made me feel at home since the first day. I’ve just finished my first week of lessons in the Upper- Intermediate class with my teacher, Michelle. She is lovely and her lessons are pretty interesting. She always has a special story to tell us. During this week, in particular we worked on pronunciation and it was a very hard challenge. I’ve learnt a lot of new words and idioms. My classmates come from all over the world. We have different traditions, culture and it is amazing to learn English and at the same time exchange our ideas. It’s pretty interesting open your mind and think outside the box. The AM Language TEAM every week plans a list of amusing activities for us. Every Monday there is a “WELCOME PARTY” where students can join new student of AM and enjoy their time dancing and drinking all together. It’s a good opportunity to talk and improve your English. They also organized different excursions, for example to Gozo and Comino Islands, and you will enjoy the sun and the clear water of the wonderful Blue Lagoon. You can also participate to the Karaoke night or you can keep fit with a Zumba along the Surfside… Everything is settled for you…You don’t have to think about anything! Just Come in Malta, join AM Language School and enjoy it! For this reason I would like to say thank you to everybody! In my eyes I think that this is much more than anyone could have expected!!