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Charles, France, April 2016
MAria Aviles / May 5, 2016

Charles, France, April 2016
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I arrived by chance in Malta, seeking a solution to improve my English because it was very low, I obtained an ERASMUS stock exchange of 3 months for the destination of Malta. Arrived on this beautiful island, immersed in a wonderful host family and in internship in a company in Valletta, I had the opportunity to do one week of school at am Language Studio. At that time everything started, I met students and great leaders who proposed me to participate in activities. So I was able to meet people from all over the world, I loved this mix of people and culture, I learned a lot from it and I improved my English by discussing with students.
The activities also allow you to visit the beautiful island of Malta, I became a lover, I recommend Malta to all my friends and I’m planning to return here on holiday. About my internship, I was greeted by a wonderful tutor and I quickly integrated into the chat with tourists from all over the world allowed me to work my English, now I feel more comfortable with that language.
In conclusion, I can say that living in complete immersion in Malta is a great solution for learning English. When I go back to France, what I will miss the most is all the people I’ve met, the sun and the beautiful landscape.”