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Ceylan, Turkey, December 2015
Chris Knights / January 29, 2016

Ceylan, Turkey, December 2015
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Hey guys I’m Ceylan from Turkey. I have been in Malta for 6 weeks. I’m studying business at the University. I need to learn English for my job. My chose this school for the activities, and the quality of education. I started this program as a beginner and now I am continuing education in elementary level. My teachers are Cristina and Seema. The style was different from the style of Turkish teachers. Before I came here, I had learnt grammar but It wasn’t enought for me . I came here to improve my speaking skills.. Courses are very enjoylable. when I’m in class, the teacher wanted us to talk about ourselves among us. It makes me happy to try speaking with myclassmates about something . I have a lot of friends from different countries in class. It’s very interesting to have foreign friends.. I have always wondered about different cultures and learn different cultures . I have a lot of friends in Malta and I’m living an unforgettable experience. I can always talk to people and I will never forget them. My advice, if you want to learn english, you should watch movies and reading book.