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Cesar, Peru, September 2021
MAria Aviles / September 30, 2021

Cesar, Peru, September 2021
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Hi, I’m Cesar, and I’m from Peru, and I’ve been studying at AM for two months. I chose AM because I had good references from friends of mine who had studied there and above all because of the good reviews that the school had on its page. Of course the location that Malta has with a good climate was a huge plus too! I have been doing the Upper intermediate course and during this time I have managed to improve my level of English in an outstanding way. My teachers have been Sian and Michelle, two great people with a pleasant way of teaching and easy to understand. One of the things I wanted to improve was my grammar and speaking because I had forgotten a lot of things due to not speaking English all the time. I like the classes at AM because we are always a small group and that way it’s easier for everyone. During the classes and breaks I frequently speak to my schoolmates about many topics, and in this way everyone improved their English level in an easy and laid back manner. The activities offered by AM helped me getting to know the people in the school better as well as getting to know the country and its culture. I’ve really enjoyed my study in Malta and at AM Language School. I highly recommend studying here if you want to improve your English and have some fun at the same time.