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Cesar Belsol Loureiro, Spain, December 2022
MAria Aviles / January 26, 2023

Cesar Belsol Loureiro, Spain, December 2022
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Hi, I’m Cesar, I come from Spain.

A few months ago I decided to come and do an internship at AM Language school in Malta.

The reason for my stay is because my studies are related to the world of education and so I was here for a few months working in the teaching department. This school has allowed me to put into practice all my knowledge, as well as to learn every day in relation to its organisation, preparation of materials, help to the students, among others.

The school and the staff have helped me a lot to improve my English language skills, because in order to communicate I needed to use English, which allowed me to improve day by day.

Also the school organises activities every day, which has allowed me to meet people from different parts of the world, their cultures, and to enjoy the city and the island.

All the staff work to make sure that the students are comfortable at all times and that they can enjoy themselves at the same time while they are at the school.

All the students come for the same reason, that is, to improve in the language, and that’s why the teachers are so important, because they help us with everything.

I recommend both the school for its treatment and the island for the good weather, the people, and the variety of activities, places and different cultures that you can find and enjoy its magnificent landscapes.

If you want to improve your language skills, and spend a few months having fun.

Come and enjoy yourself. AM Language School is waiting for you.