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Ceren, Turkey, October 2016
MAria Aviles / November 8, 2016

Ceren, Turkey, October 2016
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Hello I am Ceren Tekin. I am from Turkey. I stayed 3 months in Malta at am Language Studio.
am Language Studio has great teachers, a perfect location, great leaders and amazing activities. Because of this I chose this school.
I started in 16 June, my level was elementary and my progress was really fast.
My first teacher was Christine. She’s Maltese and an amazing teacher. She is compassionate and helpful, like our mother! Also she always wants the best for us! Another amazing teacher was Seema. She’s Indian, clever, funny, and brilliant. She’s the best teacher ever! I had a lot of fun in her class all the time.
My first day was really bad because I couldn’t understand anything and I couldn’t speak as well. I could say just a few words and my grammar was awful. But then my English was getting better day after day with am Language and with my wonderful friends’ help.
Now I keep studying at home, and I keep in touch with my friends on the internet. I met friends from every country, for example Italy, France, Turkey, Brazil, Japan and Korea.
One of my best memories is about one day, when I cooked a Turkish traditional meal (kısır). And I ate the whole meal in the same day. And one day later, I went to the kitchen and I could saw in the pot the same meal. I became surprised because I was sure that I had finished everything. But finally my Brazilian friend said that he had cooked a typical Brazilian food. So we discover that ours totally different countries have the same typical meal. It was a really amazing memory for me.
I will never forget that. I will never forget Malta. And of course, I will never forget Paceville and every Welcome Party! It was a really good experience guys!!! Thank you for all!! Thank you am Language Studio.
I hope to see you again Malta!