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Celia, France, July 2015
Chris Knights / January 4, 2016

Celia, France, July 2015
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My name is Célia Claudotte, I’m 19 and I come from France. I studied at AM Language Studio during 1 month ; I chose this school because I’ve already been here 2 years ago. Courses and activities were excellent so I decided to come back. Those 4 weeks I was in advanced level, on intensive course. My teachers were Lesley H and Kyle A. Lesley helped me a lot. We worked about everything : grammar and vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking which was the most challenging for me. I think I did it more fluently at the end of my stay, using new vocabulary. However, I kept my french accent ! About my lessons, I really enjoyed speaking about many different subjects : food, sports, politics,… and, of course, history of Malta. Also, my classmates had different nationalities. It was a very interesting mix and I learnt a lot from their countries. I have a lot of memorable experiences in Malta, thanks to all the people I met here (I miss them so much..!). I particularly enjoyed the Welcome Party and the AM Private Boat. So if you want to improve your English in a good atmosphere and make friends from all over the world in the same time, choose AM Language studio : you won’t be disappointed!