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Cagla, Turkey, October 2020
MAria Aviles / November 2, 2020

Cagla, Turkey, October 2020
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My name is Cagla Tuna and I’m from Turkey. I’ve been in Malta for 1 week and I have 23 weeks more. My agent had suggested me 5 schools, then I read some info about those schools and after I decided to come to AM Language school because I saw very nice reviews. My level is intermediate, my teachers are Chrissy and Michelle. I like both of them. My most challenging skill is obviously Speaking. That’s why I decided to come to Malta. As a result, I’m satisfied of my decision. I’ve been enjoying pronunciation activities during the lesson, I’m making progress! Also, I have classmates who are from other countries. Whenever we speak about our cultures, it’s really funny and enjoyable. I’m attending an intensive course which is focused in Speaking; It’s very useful! After lessons, I do my homework or watch movies with my flatmates. They are from Italy and Russia and thanks to that I have to speak English every single day. I’ve been in Malta only 1 week and I’d like to make great memories. For this reason I’m attending school activities which are very interesting! If someone needs to get advice, I would like to suggest to come to Malta! It’s a really valuable opportunity to learn English and make friends with people from all over the world!