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Byron, Colombia, May 2022
MAria Aviles / June 3, 2022

Byron, Colombia, May 2022
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Hello, my name is Byron, I’m from Colombia. I have studied at AM Language for 5 months.

I chose AM Language because at the beginning it was an inexpensive option, I read its comments and I convinced myself to take this course in this one.

I started as intermediate level, now I’m in upper intermediate level.

Teachers have the best attitude during lessons, each one has different methodologies to teach, however, they follow the book as guide in the grammar point but generally, the lessons are funny, interesting and very useful.

The activities at the school are so interesting, each week are different kind of lesson, it´s a good way to know Malta, make friends and hang out. I don’t have any special activity in my mind because each one is different each other, depends on the liking, but beside of the quality of teachers, activities school are great.

Finding different people from different countries and communicating in a common language is the best experience that I have had in Malta. You can test your English each moment when you want to express an idea or find a place or make plans with friends is such a good to practice English.

My advice is coming to Malta during spring or summer, make friends as much as possible, take advantage of all activities, try always to push yourself at different atmospheres and sceneries as being possible and enjoy the island.