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Buket, Turkey, October 2016
MAria Aviles / November 8, 2016

Buket, Turkey, October 2016
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I am Buket Öcal.I have studied Am Language Studio for 3 months. I chose Am Language Studio which is boutique language school. I though about that if I went to familiar school, I would be better cause friendship is really an important thing in my life. I could meet close friends .I could meet so many friends, and I was right. When I started at am Language, I was pre-Intermediate level. My first teacher was Seema Swammy Prassad who is wonderful, lovely and friendly. I am really pleased that I learnt with Seema. When she taught me something, I was sure I will never forget it. My second teacher was Tessa Bonnici. She is as good as Seema .She is helpful, problem solver and also lovely. I learnt so many words, and I practised a lot of speaking with Tessa. From time to time I needed some knowledge that wasn’t explained in the lessons, she always helped me. When I came to am Language I couldn’t speak correctly. I couldn’t even speak. I enjoyed my lesson because all of my classmates and teacher were cheerful. I studied so much time after school, that’s why I passed over 2 levels in 3 months. The most memorable experience is enjoy and learn in Malta. All of our staff spent so much time with us. Everyday I could find something to do. My advice is direct, go to am Language and learn and enjoy English. You will never regret it.