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Borja, Spain, March 2022
MAria Aviles / March 7, 2022

Borja, Spain, March 2022
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Hi! I’m Borja and I’m from Valencia in Spain.

I arrived here in Malta one month ago and I’ve been studying in AM Language School since then.

I’ll be studying here for another month in the advanced class enjoying Francis’ funny and complete lessons. I chose this school because it has a really complete programme for students. It comes with many different out of school activities like English Cafés, where you can meet a lot of people, trips to interesting places like for example Gozo or Comino, which are really beautiful, and football matches among others.

Since I started in school I have noticed a great improvement in my English level. I am constantly meeting new great people I can practise with, it’s a day by day progress. I would really recommend to come to study here since it’s an amazing opportunity to get to know amazing people from all over the world who will make your experience here much more delightful and fun!