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Berkcan, Turkey, August 2015
Chris Knights / January 4, 2016

Berkcan, Turkey, August 2015
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My name is Berkcan. I come from Turkey. I studied 3 months at Am Language Studio. I chose Am Language because my agency advised it. When I came here I was pre-intermediate and after a week I changed to intermediate . My first teacher was Danielle . She was very funny and tried to speak with everyone. My second teacher was Robert and the last one was Lucy. Also Lucy helped me about understanding the British accent and with pronouncation. For me the most difficult part was speaking and british accent. The most enjoyable part of lessons was speaking because you hear different accents . My classmates were amazing and they were good people. I learnt their cultures and their languages. For me, every Paceville night was amazing definetly not with the musics but with our friends ! I had fun every time with them. My advice for you guys, try to go every events and make some friends because as for me, without them I couldn’t have fun . Enjoy Malta guys thank you for everything…