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Ben Brunotte, Germany, November 2023
MAria Aviles / December 7, 2023

Ben Brunotte, Germany, November 2023
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Hello, my name is Ben BRUNOTTE I’m come from Germany.

I decided to choose AM Language because I was looking for an English school on the internet. I finally found a German organization which mediated me to the school.

I started in intermediate level after doing test, and I am still in this level because it allowed me to learn a lot about grammar, rules and practice my speaking. Today, I am dedicated to making continuous advancements and enhancements throughout the course over weeks.

In intensive class my teacher was Sandro, he is a good teacher because he has a good way to teach with varied methods and usually students appreciated him. In my other class Philip, he is funny, and he use to teach quickly and propose a game at the end of courses.

I think vocabulary was the most difficulty for me. At my first two weeks at school the speaking was also not easy, but I got used to it quickly.

The best part in the English lesson was the game Kahoot! It is a playful learning platform used as educational technology in schools and other educational establishments. I also liked the speaking time in the class with my classmates.

The Gozo & Comino tour was amazing because of the weather. We could swim in the sea (Blue Lagon) and visited some beautiful places such as the Victoria castle. I went several times to English café Fortezza. I appreciate the Football games during my period at school.

My best memorable time was the school Halloween party, because all my classmate and friends were there, we got in introduction Matisse specialty food, music and some games to have fun. I enjoyed it.

If you want to learn English, try to talk with people who speak it, maybe find a language partner. Watch English movies or listen to songs and try to copy how they talk. Read simple books or articles and practice a little bit every day. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; that’s how you learn. Keep going, and you’ll get better!