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Ayse Gunes Akyuz, Turkey, June 2023
MAria Aviles / September 5, 2023

Ayse Gunes Akyuz, Turkey, June 2023
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Hi! I’m Ayşe Güneş Akyüz and i’m from Turkey, Istanbul.

I am going to stay for one month in AM Language and i choose the AM Language because when looked at the language schools in Malta, first i saw the video of the AM Language and I liked their sincerity very much and then when I looked at their website, I read a lot of good feedback.

When I started the course, I was in the pre-intermediate level but now my level is intermediate. My teacher’s name is Anthea, the way my teacher teaches is very effective, I can ask what I don’t understand without any hesitation and I can understand everything completely because we do a lot of speaking and examples on the subject while learning grammar or etc. But for me the most challenging thing is writing, i hope it gets better with this course. Speaking is the most enjoyable part of the lessons because you can learn a lot of things from different cultures. And also every week there are excellent activities different from each other at the school, with these activities you can both visit Malta and make new friends. My favorite activity was hiking because I like to visit unknown places. My memorable things is the day we cook and share with each other with different cultures. If you really want to learn and experience English rather than just pretending to learn it, AM Language is the right address.