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Ayse, Germany, December 2015
Chris Knights / January 29, 2016

Ayse, Germany, December 2015
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Hey guys, I’m Ayse (18) from Germany. I have been in Malta for 5 weeks and I can say that this spell of time belongs to the best experiences in my life so far.
If I had gone directly to university, I wouldn’t have come to Malta, met so many people and become friends with them. When I came here, my goal was only to brush up my English. Asking myself the question “Did I achieve this goal?”, there is just only one answer: ABSOLUTELY. Not only did I put a check next to the task ‘brushing up English’, but next to ‘getting out of comfort zone’ as well. Thanks to crazy people (including my flatmates, classmates and teacher Michelle) I learned to come out of this and being more spontaneous.
At this point I want to say a big THANK YOU to our lovely leaders, who are organising the school activities. Because of you guys not only did I have the chance to get language experiences, but cultural too. For example, the view when I entered Popeye Village was breathtaking ( if someone of you guys have the chance to visit this village, DO IT!).
I felt like going to every Welcome Party on Mondays or Paceville Night on Fridays belongs to the tradition of this school. This tradition is by far one of the greatest traditions I’ve ever seen.
I can’t finish my testimonial without mentioning my teacher Michelle! My whole life I have been a student and spent my time with teachers around me. I’ve never met someone like Michelle. Not only were her lessons fun but they were varied as well. Thanks to her and her creativity we had different kinds of lessons. To give an example, in one lesson we were discussing about hot issues and in another lesson we were singing a song by James Blunt! These awkward moments will stay in my mind forever.
Finally I want to say thank you to Am Language Studio for creating a school, where you can enjoy your life in Malta while brushing up your English. Thank you for the time I spent here and for the given opportunity to make a great lifetime-experience.
I sincerely recommend everyone to come to Malta but especially to take part in our school, AM LANGUAGE SCHOOL. It’s like becoming a member of a big family, which will welcome you with open arms and a big hug.
Thank you to every single person I met here in Malta, whether at AM Language School or outside! You guys are the best!