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Ayami Araki, Japan, March 2018
MAria Aviles / March 7, 2018

Ayami Araki, Japan, March 2018
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I’m Ayami Araki and I’m from Japan.

I enjoyed in AM LANGUAGE STUDIO for 3 weeks in the Intermediate level and I chose AM LANGUAGE for the location: Sliema!

My teacher was Tessa Bonnicci and her teaching style was very funny.

She often was recounting us a lot of things, so we were interested during the lessons. The most challenge in the lessons was the speaking, altought the most interesting in the lessons is always hearing other countries stories. I could study and enjoy with their help.

I’m also studied at home and the memorable experiences in Malta have been the Gozo Tour and Sunday’s activities.

The suggestion for the new students is: Come to AM LANGUAGE and enjoy the best Malta Life!