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Antonio,Italy, OCTOBER 2018
MAria Aviles / October 5, 2018

Antonio,Italy, OCTOBER 2018
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Hello! My name is Antonio and I am from Italy. I have been attending an English courses in Am Language Studio for 2 months. I choose Am Language because my brother suggested to me. My level is Beginner but I am improving day by day. My teacher is Lesley and she is pretty kind and friendly person. For me the most challenging skills are speaking and listening but the teacher makes the lessons fun and this is the most enjoyable part of my class. I get along with all of my classmates, we shared our different cultures. I’am trying to study also at home by myself except the class studies. For me the most memorable experiences in Malta is all welcome parties because I always meet new people and in these parties we can find a lot of fun. My advice for people who want to learn English is to come to Am Language Studio and improve your English!