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Antonio, Italy, January 2018
MAria Aviles / February 5, 2018

Antonio, Italy, January 2018
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I am Antonino Savarino and I come from Italy.

I have studied at AM Language studio for 2 weeks.

Why I chose Am instead of another one? Let’s say that I have been advised by my brother that I should come here because he was here last year and he recommended to me because it was a great adventure and the best learning training.

I started in pre-intermediate but I expect to improve my English in here.

My teacher is Carolina and her way of teaching is really nice.

I realized that I found a big challenge in my studies but if I have to say some skills, which ones I improved more is listening and speaking.

What I most enjoyed in my lessons is talking to other students like me.

My classmates are really nice and kind and I can learn many things from them too.

I also study at home but just sometimes.

My most memorable experience in Malta was during my trip to Gozo island with all the new students from the school because we could see this great island.

I want to recommend for another person am Language because Malta is a great place to enjoy, but if you decide to go there also for learn English the purpose is perfect. am Language Studio: the best one!