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Antonello, Italy, July 2016
MAria Aviles / August 4, 2016

Antonello, Italy, July 2016
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I’m Antonello, an Italian 24 years old boy. I arrived three weeks ago here in Malta and I will stay for one more month. I started in pre-intermediate level and next week I will try the test for upper-intermediate. I work hard because my objective is to pass the IELTS exam on the end of August. I chose Malta and am Language because I think that an island full of foreign people is the best way to practise English. I’m very happy for having chosen this school. The activities are amazing and a good opportunity to make friends and to speak English in daily situations. About the classes I’m also very enthusiastic: I found two teacher (Kyle and Seema) who I can progress very quickly with, they take care of my progress and they help me on my studies. At the moment my teacher is Tessa and lessons with her are amazing! I’m learning a lot of things about grammar but also about the lives of my classmates, and trust me: this is the best way to make close friends. I just have to say that I already spoke deeply about my feelings, dream and ideas in another language! In a few words: last week we spoke so much that our teacher had to stop us. The conversation was so hot and funny ? of course for progress I had to study at home a bit but if you follow seriously the lessons you can have all the necessary tools to upgrade your level. Last but not least, the activities of the school! Difficult to choose one. Maybe I’m too much outgoing and enthusiastic person but for the moment I really like every moment. The boat trip to Comino, the welcome parties, the evenings at the beach. If somebody wants to travel, discover the world and himself and of course study English, Malta and am Language are the right place.