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Alexander, Germany, November 2022
MAria Aviles / November 21, 2022

Alexander, Germany, November 2022
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I stayed for two weeks in this lovely AM Language School and it was really good.

I had a very good first impression at my pick up from the airport.

The lovely school is equipped with very modern facilities and there is a friendly atmosphere between the teachers. I had a good impression straight away. But I have to say I was very lucky with my teacher Caroline.

My accommodation (Preluna hotel) was also very good and close to the school. The schools evening and weekend Programm is OK to meet other students.

The students meetings with were always very enriching, but you to do this with people from different counties to yours.

I started my school with one week Intensive Business English. I was very lucky to have only one classmate in my class.

Our teacher Caroline knew how to create a balance between our students books and between our company needs. She has a gift at reading between the lines.

I could discuss about my company presentations and and wrote a diary every day. I also wrote down countless vocabulary and learnt to pronounce.

In the second week I can go into more details, because I had a private English Lessons.

I explored Malta with my teacher. It seems to be that she knows everywhere. She knows the best spots in Malta. Of course, with a very good espresso.

We went to the museums and cathedrals. We had to discuss everything in English. It was a perfect combination of learning English and sightseeing. I would promote this kind of teaching much more, specially for older students, like me. Because this type of lessons are very exceptional.