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Alexander, Russia, May 2021
MAria Aviles / June 21, 2021

Alexander, Russia, May 2021
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Hey! My name is Alexander and I am from Russia.

I have been studying English at AM Language school since March 2021.

I chose Am school because it has everything I want, such as modern facilities, professional teachers, good location and an excellent reputation as well.

There are a lot of activities at school every day; I’m trying to participate in all of them with friends after classes. As for the studying process, what I like more is that the relationships between teachers and students are very friendly. All our teachers are professionals and they really like their job. Everyone tries to make the lesson funny and effective. The classrooms are very spacious, with new whiteboards and modern equipment.

Chrissy and John are my teachers and they are the best ones! I like them so much and their way of teaching as well! They are helping me to improve my English skills. Now I feel much more comfortable when I’m speaking with my friends or with local people.

I’m so happy that I have the opportunity to meet so many people from different countries and speak with them in a common language.

I have a lot of wonderful memories during my time in Malta – beautiful beaches, delicious food, historical buildings, sea and especially many new friends from friends from all over the world!

This trip is one of the best experiences in my life!