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Alessia Peruzzi, Italy, March 2023
MAria Aviles / June 15, 2023

Alessia Peruzzi, Italy, March 2023
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I’m Alessia Peruzzi and I’m from Salerno, Italy.

I have been in Malta since one month and I’m will study here for three month for improve my English and for to avaible to more work opportunities.

At the Beginning I started with intermediate level and now I’ll make the test in a short period but I think that my English is improved.

When I started the class, my teacher was Jonathan but I didn’t like him because he spoke fastly and for the people who don’t know English very well he isn’t recommended.

Now my teacher is Philip and I like it very much because he makes the lesson fun and he speaks slowly and everyone understand him.

Sometimes at the end of lesson he makes us play games and this is very fun and productive. Now my main problem is the listening because when I speak with people I understand but when I listen a video or a film I don’t understand everything.

My favorite school activity was the pizza party because I liked the company, pizza, landscape on the rooftop and at the end we made a funny quiz game.

My most memorable experience in Malta is Comino and Blue Lagoon because see was absolutely clean, there was a lot of food shop with fruit and other foods and I made with my friends some activities like crazy sofa and jet ski.

The school is very important for the English knowledge but for me is essential to talk to people to improve your English.