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Alessandra, Brazil, June 2017
MAria Aviles / June 26, 2017

Alessandra, Brazil, June 2017
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My name is Alessandra and I’m from Brazil! I’m studying in am since 22th may and I’m loving it!! I choose am to study English because I loved the previous attention and care that everybody had with me! I felt that it will be an amazing experience! Sure I read about the school and always get good information!! I started in the pre-intermediate class and I can feel my English improving. My teacher Lisa is amazing!! She is very funny and makes the lessons much more interesting! My biggest challenge is speaking. But now I’m getting better! For me the best part of the lessons are the conversations, because I can improve my English and talk with other students! Is always interesting to know about my colleges! And finally, I’m in love with Malta! There are a lot of awesome places and a good atmosphere!! Who wants to study English, my advice is: come to Malta with am Language!