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Agatha, Spain, February 2022
MAria Aviles / February 3, 2022

Agatha, Spain, February 2022
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My name’s Agatha Llorenç. I come from Spain, from a town near Tarragona, and I have been an AM student since October ’21 so it’s been 4 months now.

I started in upper intermediate, and I moved to advanced in one and a half/two months. I chose AM Language over other schools mainly for its activity program I found it very interesting. I have had several teachers, starting with Michelle, I really love her she’s so nice and is very patient with us. I have also had Francis on my advanced course, and I have really enjoyed his classes as we talk about current issues. The most challenging skill was learning new vocabulary and apart from enjoying my lessons I have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. People who are in the same situation as me and it is easy to make friends and help each other. As I said before I chose Am school for its programme of activities, the one I enjoyed the most was the bowling alley because there were a lot of people, we made mixed groups and we cheered each other on when it was our turn, and it was a lot of fun. I couldn’t choose my best experience in Malta, because I have so many, and each day is a new one.

For people who want to learn English my advice is: watch English series/movies and don’t be afraid to speak English in public, everyone is in the same situation as you, we are learning and you are here to learn and the way to learn is to practice and make mistakes, so come to Malta without thinking about it. And this has been my testimony about my experience in Malta and AM, I hope you like it. Goodbye!