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Afdeline Castel, France, November 2015
Chris Knights / January 26, 2016

Afdeline Castel, France, November 2015
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Hello, my name is Adeline Castel and I come from Paris, France. I am 23 years old and I’ve just finished my Masters Degree in communication and event organization. Before looking for a job, I decided to take 4 weeks of intensive course at Am Language Studio. This school in Malta gave me the opportunity to improve my English by speaking more. My level is intermediate and even if I didn’t pass to the next level, I now feel more comfortable with this language than when I arrived. I really tried hard to refresh my memory, to apply myself and pronounce well in order to forget my French accent and now I’m not worried about making mistakes.
I am glad I’ve studied at am Language Studio. I really liked my teachers: Elle, Monica, Andrew and Tessa. They were super friendly, very involved in our progress and their lessons were really fun. Along with their different teaching styles, they all focus their lessons on speaking, listening comprehension and grammar. I really liked interacting with them. Grammar is necessary but it wasn’t that easy, especially when you have to use it orally. In fact, what I preferred was speaking. And these lessons were very pleasant thanks to my awesome classmates. It was interesting to share experiences and points of view about our different countries and culture. Everybody was open-minded and willing to learn and progress together.
At the school, I also can’t forget everybody in the Leisure department who made this experience unforgettable. I often participated in activities in order to discover Malta, the richness of its culture, the beauty of its landscapes and the beaches and Maltese lifestyle. The Leisure department allowed us, through numerous and exciting activities, to share amazing times! Keep your smile, kindness and energy!
To conclude, I can’t tell you only one memorable experience… the entire trip was awesome! If you want to learn English with a professional team, share experiences with people from all nationalities and discover a beautiful country, come to Am Language Studio in Malta! You will never regret it.
Teachers, the Leisure department, classmates and every friend I met in Malta, thank you for every moment. I won’t forget you. Malta, see you soon. It was my first time but definitely not the last.