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Aneta Obtulovičová, Slovakia, Septmeber 2015
Chris Knights / January 8, 2016

Aneta Obtulovičová, Slovakia, Septmeber 2015
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My name is Aneta Obtulovičová, I´m 20 years old and I was born in northern part of Slovakia.I spent three wonderful weeks in September studying at Am Language Studio with the best leaders and the best people from all-over the world. My family relatives recommended me this school and now I can say it was the best choice for me. During my stay in the school I attended upper-intermediate class. I noticed a big progress in my pronounciation and speaking skills. My teacher in general course was Michelle P. She taught me a lot and I can say for sure she is the best teacher I´ve ever met in my whole life! This woman is unbelievable, full of energy and enthusiasm. I fell in love with the specific type of humour she has. During intensive lessons I also got to know Elina and Tessa. I was in a blank amazement how enjoyable an English course can be. They showed me another point of view in studying. Elina used to prepared for us funny and logical games and her pronunciation was so adorable! On the other hand we did some grammar exercises with Tessa which was very important for me and my studies at university. In my opinion there´s no bad teacher in am Language Studio In my experience the most challenging during my studies was speaking and listening. I don´t have any contact with foreign people at home so I enjoyed every second speaking in English and tried to improve myself. At the moment I feel much more comfortable and confident when I hear a native speaker.I´d say I enjoyed the most our team work during lessons. Get to know my classmates, learn about their culture and see their thoughts was very interesting. Usually I used to work alone all the time and this was something new for me. What I really appreciate was the mix of nationalities and ages in our class. My classmates enriched me a lot every single day in school and now I miss them so much! Each of us had own opinion but we were like a dream team. Everyone was so ambitious and hard-working during the lessons. It was a challenging experience which I´ll never forget. I believe that English is necessary in the 21st century and that´s why I try to improve my language skills also at university or English courses. But the best way to learn language is to travel and live with native speakers as long as you can. My most memorable experience in Malta was a trip to Blue Lagoon . I had never seen anything like this before. With my friends, we swam through a cave and got to open sea side. There are no words to describe this place. It was like a miracle out of the blue. I just want to go back and see it again! I´m personally convinced that the am Language Studio is the best opportunity for everyone who wants to learn or improve English. You can study and join leisure activities in the same time, get to know new people and make a lot of friends. Believe me, Malta is beyond your expectations! Thank you so much for the best three weeks and don´t be worry, we´ll see next year in Malta again!