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Alex, Italy, October 2020
MAria Aviles / November 2, 2020

Alex, Italy, October 2020
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My name is Alex di Dio and I’m from Italy. I studied for 2 months at AM Language. Actually, It’s the second time that I came to Malta. I had already studied for 3 months last year. The reason I chose AM Language school is because it has reasonable prices and good school facilities. When I started studying in the school I was in Upper-Intermediate and my final level is Advanced. I went through many teachers and they helped me a lot. Because of them I could speak English better than before. Specially, my most challenging part of English was Grammar. It was my weakest part, but I followed teachers, then I improved it. During the lesson, I enjoyed discussing with my classmates. My classmates were all nice and from different part of the world, so I learned about their culture and history something else. Funny thing, I could learn and realize about different accents. I was interested in realizing that. Because when I spoke English, everyone wasn’t native. So it was practical to understand every different accent. After lesson, when I was free, I studied and tried to speak English with my flatmates. My most memorable experience is living with people who were from other countries and joining the school activities. Our school activities were amazing! I could make friends and speak English and go to nice places. That’s why I’m satisfied about my school. I have friends around the world and I travelled to visit them. I’d like to suggest to someone who wants to learn English “Speak as much as you can with everyone!! And of course follow lessons well!