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Marco Maludrottu, Italy, December 2018
MAria Aviles / December 4, 2018

Marco Maludrottu, Italy, December 2018
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Hi! My name is Marco Maludrottu and I am from Italy. I stayed at AM Language for one month. I chose AM Language because my friends recommend it to me as they were following an English course in the summer and they spoke really good about AM Language. I started at pre-intermediate and ended at intermediate. My teachers were Lisa for the general course and Caroline for the intense one, they are both good teachers with a wonderful style of teaching and I learned a lot from them. The most challenging skills during my study were speaking and listening. I really enjoyed the quality of the lessons because every day there were different tasks and themes, and that’s what made every lesson more interesting and kept me motivated. I also studied at home.Because of my classmates I got to know a lot of new cultures and new points of view that are different than mine. I didn’t only come to Malta because of the quality of lessons but also because of the diversity of the people who study here as well.A memorable experience of Malta were the activities that are organized by the school but the most memorable experience is the whole experience of the study itself Malta. Am Language is the right place to learn one of the most important languages of the world. They have a high level of teaching and a big diversity of students