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Roeli, Holland, October 2017
MAria Aviles / October 20, 2017

Roeli, Holland, October 2017
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Hi guys, I am Roeli Wilms and I am from Holland. I have studied for 5 weeks at AM Language studio. I choose AM Language because I wanted to stay in a shared residence.

I started as an upper-intermediate student and I am still. Even though my level did not change, I still learned a lot and I am very happy about that. Michelle was my teacher. I am happy that I was one of her students. Her lessons are full of energy and fun, I really like the way she teaches.

During my course, I had a few challenges. The most challenging was the grammar at the beginning. It was a little bit difficult and I needed to get used to it. I enjoyed the speaking lessons the most. During those lessons, I could improve my English even more and now I have more confidence when I speak.

All my classmates were nice and fun. I am happy that I had the possibility to learn a lot about their culture. I never studied at home. I preferred to spend my time discovering Malta and to get along with my friends.

My most memorable experience of Malta is that I get to know a lot of new people. Those people were all from another country, so I get to know different cultures and I really loved that. I also loved to spend time with them during the school activities, we made some unforgettable moments.

If people are doubting about going to Malta, I would tell them to stop right away! Malta is an amazing place to improve your English. Learning English in Malta is one of the most beautiful experiences that can happen in your life, especially if you study it at am Language. You have the opportunity to learn not only from the school but also from the people you meet.