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Lea, Slovakia, August 2017
MAria Aviles / September 5, 2017

Lea, Slovakia, August 2017
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Hi, I am Lea and I am from Slovakia. I studied for two weeks in AM Language Studio and they have been the best ones in my life. My friend Martin studied in Malta 3 years ago and he recommended me this school and told me „Please go and I promise this will be your best summer and when you will come back to Slovakia you will be more than grateful!“ And it was. So many strong emotions, amazing people, unforgettable memories and feelings which I can´t describe. Best summer is weak word. I hope next summer will come quickly and I will have the possibility to visit Malta again. My stay wasn´t only about school lessons, it was more about to get to know new people and (for me) to stop being shy to speak in English without worries. That was for me the most important reason why Malta and why this school. Besides that so many school trips, people from all around the world, many cultures, many experiences and indescribable moments. During the lessons we were speaking about our cultures, because we were from different countries as Turkey, Italy, Korea etc. and foreign culture was interesting for every all of us because it was a little bit unknown area for everybody. Sure, I improved my understanding and second weekend in Malta I found the courage to start speaking. I don’t know if I am able to describe my feelings correctly, but I am very, very thankful to people who persuaded me, recommended this to me and helped me to go to Malta! This trip or language stay was one of my best choices in my life and I am so happy that for the first time I went somewhere alone. If I had been late more than 5 minutes I wouldn´t have been able to catch the flight to Malta but I think everything in your life is the destiny. Why on the earth people go on holiday to Malta? Now I think that Malta has its own charm and magic and I can’t explain why, but I really didn´t want to go home! For many people is important to know English because they need it for work or study, but I think currently is English very important for young people if they want more than stay home and watch in TV Big Brother or something like that for the rest of their life. I am photographer and I think… and I feel as artist that maybe the reason why are these emotions a little bit stronger than others, or this experience in Malta was for me so strong and important to the future. If we want to see real beauty of the world, get to know new people, see new cultures and traditions and feel freedom, English language is necessary and now I finally know it also.