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Danielle Apap
Chris Knights / November 7, 2017

Danielle Apap
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Personal Profile:

Originally from Jersey, Channel Islands, I moved to Malta in the spring of 2015. My first taste

of teaching, after doing a TEFL course was in Barcelona in 2008-2010. I did my CELTA course

in London in early 2015 before moving to Malta to teach. I’ve been working with AM

Language Studio since the start of 2017 and I love this job. The school has a lot to offer and

every classroom has the latest smart board installed.

Danielle’s Advice to Students
Use every opportunity to expose yourself to the language. Try to enjoy it, if you don’t like

reading the news in your language, don’t try to struggle through in English. If you’re passion

in life is Game of Thrones, try watching that in English! Read, watch, listen to things you

LIKE. Where possible try not to translate, use an English to English dictionary.

My Favourite Place
My favourite place in Malta is Dingli Cliffs (see my photo), I love walking along the cliffs and

looking out to sea. You will be perfectly positioned to see Filfla a small uninhabited island

with an amazing history and unique sea life, (there’s an interesting documentary online


From Dingli Cliffs you can watch the sun setting, and its also not too far from Busket

Gardens, perfect for walks and picnics and Mdina the old capital city also known as the

silent city SSSHHHHHH!