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Richard Ferro
MAria Aviles / November 24, 2017

Richard Ferro
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Personal Profile


I am a DipTESOL qualified teacher, and I have had over half a decade of teaching experience. I am from Yorkshire in the UK, and have been in Malta since 2012. I attained 2 separate degrees from two Universities in the UK. I attained a degree in Wine & Spirits from Brighton University, as well as a BA (Hons) in Business Administration from Kingston University, London. I have also had experience running my own Online Language School, which provided me with a hands-on business experience starting up a company. I inject my personality into my lessons and put an emphasis on students enjoying classes. I am currently focusing much of my efforts on developing an IELTS Course for AM Language Studio.


Advice for Learners

Having tried to learn other languages myself, I know the feeling of frustration that arises. I can say from my experience as an English Teacher that many students struggle to progress when frustration takes control, and unrealistic expectations set in. It is important to focus on quality, and not just quantity. Learning needs to be fun, and the process is made easier when the student focuses on the enjoyment of learning the language. There is no need to put extra stress on oneself by worrying unduly.









My Favourite Places in Malta

Malta has a lot to offer the English language student. Whether you like the outdoor lifestyle, socialising, or culture there is a lot of history to keep you interested. Gozo is a great place to escape to, and has some beautiful bays. I would add that the sea in Gozo is really clean. As for Malta itself, Valletta is the capital, and a place to go during the day to see and learn about the famous Knights of Malta. In recent years it has become a delightful place to relax in the evening, as it has many bars and restaurants that offer a good range of food and wine. I also happen to love pizza, and I can say that if you are looking for the best pizza in Malta then I would recommend Monelli, which is located in Paceville, 2 minutes from the Hilton Hotel and the Portomaso Marina.