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Mandy Rizzo
Chris Knights / November 14, 2017

Mandy Rizzo
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Personal Profile:

After having graduated in Radiography, Mandy decided to use her Science oriented degree to teach Medical English to foreign students.

She therefore furthered and completed her studies in the English language to teach English for special purposes, as well as General English.

Mandy is very interested in using different teaching methodologies and has recently finished a CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning course. This refers to teaching subjects through a foreign language. She has successfully developed lesson plans for the Tourism Industry using such a methodology.

Mandy has been teaching English for the last 17 years and joined our team of teachers last year. She has worked on various projects with her colleagues which have involved presenting lesson plans overseas.

Mandy’s advice to Students

I consider teaching to be vocational. I like to think of myself as a mentor, guiding students throughout their learning experience. Every student has a reason for learning English and I would like to make sure they never lose sight of what it is! Therefore my advice to language learners is to work with their teacher and never be afraid to ask for help and advice. We chose teaching because we love seeing people develop, so help us to help you by communicating what you need in class

My favourite place

Personally, my favourite spot on the island is Mdina – the old capital city. It’s a medieval city which happens to be situated on the highest point on the island. I really enjoy visiting this beautiful city; sipping a cup of tea in one of the best tea gardens on the island whilst admiring the stunning views.