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Lisa Scerri
Chris Knights / November 13, 2017

Lisa Scerri
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Personal Profile:

I started my EFL career just under thirteen years ago. I started out as a summer teacher with am Language Studio at a very young age and soon found that I loved the industry with a passion. One of the things I enjoy and appreciate most about my job is the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Here at am Language Studio we get students from all over the world, and meeting people from different walks of life has indeed been a learning experience for me too. I really enjoy building an environment within the classroom where students get the chance to practice their communicative skills while learning from each other. My favourite kinds of lessons are those where students can mingle and are given opportunities to speak to other students of different cultures – I find these activities very productive and successful.

My Advice to Learners:

If I could give my learners one piece of advice it would be to speak, speak, speak! The opportunity to practice English in an English-speaking country and fully immerse themselves in the language is golden so I would suggest they take every opportunity to speak to people of different nationalities and not to worry too much about their mistakes – everyone learns from mistakes after all and that is why students are here! Above all, I suggest they embrace the experience and make the most of it – have fun!

My Favourite Location in Malta:

My favourite location in Malta is definitely Mdina – the old capital city! I find Mdina so charming and relaxing.
Mdina is beautiful by day – the view from the bastion is spectacular and of course the chocolate cake at Fontanella is not to be missed! However, I especially love Mdina at night – the dim lights lining the narrow streets make it so quaint and romantic! My favourite thing to do in Mdina is going to a nice restaurant for dinner in the evening – I love walking through the silent streets at night and enjoying a delicious meal at one of their many great restaurants!