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Caroline Greco
Chris Knights / November 7, 2017

Caroline Greco
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Personal Profile:

Born and raised in Malta to Indian parents and married to an Italian, Caroline is very multicultural. She worked in the family business where she managed a bridal shop for many years until she decided she needed a change in her life. She loves meeting people from all walks of life and therefore being a teacher is her ideal job. After teaching for a couple of years, in 2015 Caroline completed her Cambridge CELTA and has never looked back since.

Caroline’s advice to language learners

Try and feel as comfortable as possible in the lessons and always let your teacher know about any difficulties or problems that you might encounter. Don’t feel shy and be honest with your teacher.

Expose yourself as much as possible to the English language through film, social interactions and music. In this way you will be practising and studying English without even knowing it!

My Favourite place: Sliema seafront.

I love the outdoor life and I feel alive when I can see and smell the sea! I especially enjoy jogging and walking on the seafront in the early morning when all is quiet and the world is still asleep. This helps me clear my mind and prepare myself for the day.

Balluta bay is especially beautiful by night and once a year there is the feast of Balluta which is a spectacle of fireworks and magic.

Sliema is also a major residential area and a centre for shopping, dining and café life