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Philip Mallia
Chris Knights / November 14, 2017

Philip Mallia
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Personal Profile:

Philip has lived in four countries so far. For the first fourteen years of his life, Philip lived in Malta. He then relocated to Ontario, Canada with his family for four years. He then decided to go to the University of Kent in the UK and obtained his undergraduate degree in Biodiversity conservation and management three years later in 2011. Meantime his family moved to Brussels, Belgium and he spent his holidays there. He then did a 360 degree turn and returned back to his roots, obtaining a Masters in Tourism from the University of Malta in 2013.

Philip obtained his TEFL Certificate and has been teaching English as a foreign language in Malta for over three years.

Philip’s advice to language learners:

Well done for taking the first step towards achieving your goal of learning English and of experiencing life in another country. My advice is to strike a balance between work and play. So, work hard and enjoy yourself!

My favourite place: Paceville

After a long day at work, it’s good to kick back, relax and dance the night away with friends and a beer or two. Paceville is the ideal place to do just that!