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Lucy Darmanin
Chris Knights / November 14, 2017

Lucy Darmanin
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Personal Profile:

Originally from South Wales, UK, Lucy left school at 18 and went straight into a Military career. Unfortunately an injury picked up during basic training meant that she had to leave the Royal Air Force, though she still kept her military connections by working with the Air Cadets. Later she began a career in the Civil Service, working in the field of National Statistics.

During a family holiday, Lucy met her polo playing husband Mark, and moved to Malta at the age of 27, working in the family business – Malta’s oldest riding school. In fact, she is an accredited FEI level 1 International coach. She later trained as an EFL teacher, running the riding school as a part-time business which she still does to this day.

As a teacher, Lucy enjoys teaching a variety of levels to keep her mind fresh, but especially likes the Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels. She also loves helping prepare students for exams, especially Cambridge FCE.

Lucy’s advice to language learners:

Open your mind! Just because you have no interest in sport or fashion, doesn’t mean that you should ignore these topics when learning English. Sharing your interests with others and and listening to their stories helps you to learn more about the language – and you’ll make great friends too!

My favourite place: Spoilt for choice!

I have a lot of places I love, and though the Chinese Garden (Gnien Is-Serenita) and Riviera Bay (Ghajn Tuffieha) would be among them, I guess my favourites would be on the back of a horse, or on the rugby pitch, a hobby which I share with my daughter.