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Lesley Harker
Chris Knights / November 14, 2017

Lesley Harker
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Personal Profile:

Originally from the former British protectorate of Uganda, Africa; Lesley moved to Buckinghamshire, England as a child. She was educated at a local Grammar School before taking a degree in Psychology followed by a Graduate Certificate of Education.
Despite qualifying as a teacher, Lesley elected to work in the hospitality sector alongside her husband. Subsequently, she had a varied career which included accountancy, administration, healthcare and counseling.

In 2001, Lesley returned to teaching working in English primary, secondary and special needs schools as well as 5 years of hosting and teaching English to French students. Following her move to Malta and being well and truly bitten by the teaching bug, she completed her Cambridge CELTA in 2014. She joined am Language Studio in February 2016 where she has worked across the age and ability spectrum, including several personalised projects with students.


Lesley’s advice to language learners:

Believe in yourself and together we can make learning English enjoyable, helping you to achieve your personal English objectives.
Never be afraid of making mistakes – everyone makes mistakes, even native speakers, the important thing is to learn from those mistakes.
Finally, take every opportunity to use English, both inside and outside of the classroom.

My favourite place: Mdina

I never get tired of visiting our former glorious capital city. By day it is a living museum of Palazzos and architectural gems, as well as having probably the best cake on the island.
When in Mdina I like to go the ramparts from where you can enjoy a spectacular view across most of Malta and even Sicily on a clear day.