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Prolant Cap
MAria Aviles / April 20, 2017

Prolant Cap
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At am Language Studio we always thrive to improve the quality of teaching we provide and our teachers.

We have recently sent 2 of our core teachers, Kyle and Mandy, to be part of our Erasmus+ project currently providing interactive CLIL (Content & Language Integrated Learning) lessons that will later form part of a course for the Tourism and Automotive industry.

This means that all the lessons are content based and strive to teach the learners about the topic in question (being Tourism and Automotive) and not just English!

The last pilot course took place in Pau, France (South Western area near the Pyrenees). Our teachers report that it was a very interesting and educational week with positive feedback from both participants and partners.

The next pilot course will be help in Bratislava, Slovakia in May. This will be the last pilot course before everyone gathers all the information to form the first handbook. This will be part of a continuous professional development for trainers working in these sectors and will eventually provide a career path.

The result of this whole project will come together in Slovakia in June. We are all very eager to see what is produced.

Prolant cap pic