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Malta – More Than Just A Holiday Destination
MAria Aviles / February 16, 2018

Malta – More Than Just A Holiday Destination
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When you think of Malta you will probably think of a small sunny island in the Mediterranean. What might surprise you is that the island has now become a popular educational destination.

Last week at the Comiso Airport in Sicily, a workshop was held by Air Malta to promote the island in terms of what it has to offer from an educational tourism perspective. They highlighted the fact that Malta is an English speaking country, and provides an excellent range of language schools to accommodate people who wish to learn English. We are delighted to say that AM Language Studio was one of three English Language schools that represented Malta at the workshop. The workshop was aimed at teachers and agents, as well as appealing to students who are looking to develop their English skills. Since last December, it is worth noting that there is a direct flight between Comiso Airport and Malta twice a week, which makes it very easy for our Sicilian students to pop over to Malta to improve their English!