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How to celebrate Christmas in Malta 2018
MAria Aviles / December 14, 2018

How to celebrate Christmas in Malta 2018
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Malta is a great place to celebrate Christmas because the feast is taken very seriously, and like most feasts in Malta that means food, drink and plenty of people.

Where to go to get into the festive spirit

Sliema and Valletta are two very good places to go if you want to get into the Christmas spirit. Both places are nicely decorated and the busy atmosphere with lots of shops and cafes creates a delightful Christmas ambiance.

Where to go to do your Christmas Shopping…

Sliema, Valletta and Bay Street are three good places to shop for Christmas presents. Tigne Point in Sliema is an excellent location due to its size and range of shops. In Sliema centre, there is the Plaza Shopping Complex, a new Zara store, Marks & Spencer’s and many other shopping outlets that you can enjoy. As for Valletta, the city has become a great place for shopping. As the city is full of Christmas decorations and lights, the place looks wonderful and it has become an excellent place to shop. Bay Street in St Julians is a decently sized shopping centre with a nice variety of shops ranging in quality and it is also nicely located in the centre of the resort.

What to eat?

At Christmas, just like in many other countries, it is common to eat turkey, Christmas pudding and tiramisu. In many ways, some might describe it as a hybrid of English and Italian Christmas cuisine. One dish you might not have tried before is timpana, which is ‘pasta in a pie’. It might sound simple, but it is incredibly tasty, and you should definitely try it.

What the words in red mean:

Festive Spirit – A happy Christmas feeling

Ambiance – The feel of a place.

Due to – Another word for ‘because’

Variety – A range of something

In many ways, – A linking phrase that means to a great degree

Hybrid – The combination of two separate things that have been mixed together to make one new thing.