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Father’s Day
MAria Aviles / June 14, 2018

Father’s Day
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Top 4 gifts for your dad!

Father’s Day is on the 17th of June, and it’s an opportunity to tell your dad thank you for everything that he does, and the person that he is. Here are our top 5 recommended gifts that you can get your dad for this Father’s Day.

  1. Symbolic

Something that is symbolic is something that has a lot of meaning. Perhaps finding him something that has a lot of meaning is just the gift you should get your dad. Maybe it is something that would remind him of you as a child, or him as a younger man. A symbolic gift shows that you have thought a lot about the gift.

  1. Yourself

If you haven’t seen your dad in a long time, perhaps the best present you could give him is yourself and your time. He probably misses you a lot, and if you make the effort to spend time with him then that might be a gift that would mean the world to him. The phrase, ‘mean the world’, means that he would absolutely love the present.

  1. Whiskey

If your dad likes whiskey, then we recommend you go to Franks in Sliema to choose a whiskey from their excellent selection. So why whiskey? To quote a famous British comedian named Ronnie Corbett, “It is true that whiskey improves with age. The older I get, the more I like it.” Giving your dad whiskey on Father’s Day can be your way of telling him that he is getting better with age too.

  1. Wine

If your dad likes wine, then we recommend you go to Charles Grech. They have an excellent range of wine, and you can find tasty surprises. So why wine? If you know your dad has been stressed, then wine is a great gift that can help him relax. To quote Galileo Galilei, “Wine is like sunlight, held together by water.”

3 gifts you shouldn’t get your dad!

  1. Socks

No one has ever jumped up and down because they got a pair of socks as a present. You could argue that a sandwich would be thought as a much better present than socks. If you get your dad socks, you are saying that you really don’t know what to get him.

  1. Pens

Unless it is a very nice pen, don’t get your dad a pen. It will look like you haven’t thought about the present, and it doesn’t say, ‘thank you dad. 

  1. Mugs

You should also avoid buying your dad a mug. Your dad probably has lots of mugs to drink tea or coffee from, and again, it shows that you haven’t thought about the gift.