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Escapades of an Expat: One teacher’s first impression of Malta :-)
Chris Knights / September 30, 2016

Escapades of an Expat: One teacher’s first impression of Malta :-)
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The booms of the fireworks, the roar of Festa, the thick smell of fresh pastizzi, and the heat of the streets, these are my memories of early morning in my first night in Malta. Coming from a British summer to such aromas and sounds is, I must say, a welcome relief to…well, rain.


Malta, a small island located smack bang in the middle of the Mediterranean, a little jewel, within a sea of crystal water. With so many countries around, Malta may have got lost in the midst of such European juggernauts. However, Malta has this ease, this unique feeling about it which encapsulates you as soon as you land. I’ve noticed in my four years living here that, anywhere you go, if you look hard enough, you are welcomed by a truly beautiful view. Whether it be, in the Capital City Valletta, overlooking the Grand Harbour or sauntering around the silent city (Mdina) , looking for hidden beaches or, in the south, strolling around markets in Marsaxlokk (Yeah, I can’t pronounce it either)  or Sliema, the city with a mostly multicultural inhabitants which so many places to sit, chat and just take in that sweet vitamin R. Vitamin R is only found in Malta, it contains elements of Rest and Relaxation with just a hint of extraordinary about it.


What to do? There are the obvious things…Paceville which is the ‘go-to’ place to drink, dance or…whatever people do in clubs. I’ve had my fair share of excursions which ended up with viewing a sunrise on my back. Sandy beaches, Golden bay in the north, Exiles in Sliema or, Pretty bay or St Peters pool, down south. A personal memory of a particular beach in Malta called, Riviera Bay. It happened this summer, I was there with my girlfriend, and we spent the afternoon there and had a BBQ. Sounds like nothing special, but seeing that sunrise, feeling that ocean smell propel up my nostrils with every passing breath. It truly stuck with me in my memory and with difficulty, will be dislodged, if ever.


Why Malta? I came to Malta on a whim, an idea that, I wanted to get out of England. That whim has turned into, great friends, atmosphere and most importantly, memories. People visit places for the memories and for the stories which you can brag about after! I have memories and I have so many stories to tell from this little island. I’m sure if you ever visit Malta, great memories and stories, is what you’d leave with…and a suntan.

Andrew Brookes

EFL Teacher with am Language Studio