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How to enjoy St Patrick´s Day in Malta?
MAria Aviles / March 14, 2018

How to enjoy St Patrick´s Day in Malta?
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The 17th of March is St Patrick’s Day, and it is an Irish celebration that is celebrated around the world. The celebration centres around socialising with friends and meeting new people who are there to enjoy themselves. It can be a great opportunity to develop your English speaking and listening skills, especially if you meet anyone from Ireland. Here are our 7 tips to enjoy the day.

  1. Make sure you and your friends are wearing something green!

Make sure you fit in with the crowd by wearing something green. Not only is it a tradition, but strangers instantly know that you and your friends are partaking in the celebrations, and it can be a good ice-breaker (a way to start conversation).

  1. Where do Irish people go?

There are many Irish people living in Malta, and if you want to practise your English with some of them, then try the Dubliner’s in St Julian’s, which is quite close to the ‘Love Monument’ and McDonalds in Spinola Bay.  You are likely to find plenty of Irish folk (people) there, along with people from Britain. You can also try Guinness, which is the famous Irish beer.

  1. Paceville

Paceville on St Patrick’s Day becomes very crowded, and if you go to the typical places the only difference is that most people will be wearing green. We would recommend trying out a few of the Karaoke bars. There are some in Paceville and they are usually less crowded but a lot of fun. It’s a great way to test out your English by singing some classic tunes with your friends.

  1. What about Bugibba?

Bugibba has become quite a touristy place, and is located along the coast on your way to St Paul’s Bay. It is is a popular destination on St Patrick’s Day, as it has many different types of pubs and bars where you will find a number of native English speakers.

  1. Use some Irish phrases!
  2. Slante (good health) pronounced /ˈslɑːntʃə/ or [slarn – che] You would say this when you are about to drink. It would replace the word ‘cheers’ or in Italian ‘Salute.’
  3. Craic (fun) pronounced /kræk/ or [krak] You can say, “This is craic.”
  4. Flying it (Doing Well) “How are you doing?” “I’m flying it thank you.”

So, before you drink say slante, we hope you have craic, and make sure you and your friends are flying it!