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Easter Week in Malta 2019
MAria Aviles / April 15, 2019

Easter Week in Malta 2019
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Easter is a colourful time of year in Malta, and is celebrated with much of the focus being on the religious aspects as the majority of Maltese people practise the Roman Catholic faith.In the week leading up to Easter, we recommend that you take advantage of the local food culture that comes alive during this period. It is common to see little food stores setup in places like St Julian’s selling a wide range of tasty treats. One type of local food that is popular is something called figolla, which is a bit like a sweet almond biscuit.On Good Friday, late afternoon, many of the different towns and villages come together to join in a ceremony to celebrate the Passion of Christ. It tends to have a respectfully sad environment, but it is very interesting from a cultural perspective. It’s normal that the processions will include men who will carry a cross, as well as dragging chains that are tied to their bare feet as they take on the role of Christ.On Easter Sunday the festive mood becomes a happier one in celebration of Christ’s resurrection. You are likely to see Statues of the Risen Christ that represents Christ’s triumph over death. You will find lots of people in the streets, and if you want to soak up the atmosphere then Valletta is one of a few places you can go to feel part of the action.

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Food that is delicious and comes in smallish quantities

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