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MAria Aviles / March 1, 2019

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5 things every student should know about Carnival in Malta

1 What is Carnival?

Carnival is an event that happens every year in February. Carnival is a large celebration where people dress up in a variety of costumes, and dance to plenty of live music. If you are the sort of person that likes an energetic and excitable atmosphere with lots of joyful people, then you will love Carnival in Malta.

2 When is Carnival?

Carnival will be celebrated between the 28th of February and the 5th of March, and events are held around Malta and Gozo.

3 What is Carnival like in Valletta?

The historic city of Valletta becomes a colourful and musical heaven with marching bands, street performers and dancers. Crowds of people fill the streets in creative costumes. The atmosphere is excitable, and it is great fun to be a part of. You yourself can dress up with friends and have a great time. People often compete in a variety of activates such as costumes, dancing and floats.

 4 What is Carnival like in Gozo?

If you perhaps like a slightly darker event with an entertaining style, then you should go to Nadur in Gozo. This has become extremely popular with both locals and tourists. People dress up in all kinds of dark and horrifying outfits, which creates a fantastic atmosphere. You will find that the city becomes mysterious, and wonderfully surprising.

5 What makes Carnival a great celebration?

Carnival is a fantastic occasion to go out and celebrate with friends. What is more, you can end up meeting loads of different people from all over the world. It’s actually a very good event to practise your English, as you will find yourself speaking to people from a variety of countries. It’s also a great chance to experience traditional European festival culture, so make sure you take lots of photos.

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