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Calm down! We still have a Window!!
MAria Aviles / March 9, 2017

Calm down! We still have a Window!!
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After the collapse of the Azure Window, the people of Malta and Gozo started to look for another rock formation to fill the void left in their hearts. They didn’t have to search far and wide, as another beautiful, but less known, structure has helped fill the gape left in their hearts.

The Wied il- Mielah Window (found at the mouth of a lovely little valley) is a is a limestone natural arch on the island of Gozo.  It has always been much less known than the Azure Window, but it has now taken the spotlight, since the Azure window has met an untimely death.

As part of the initiative called ‘EcoGozo’, the area around the arch underwent a major renovation in recent years, allowing better access to the area by the construction of a new road, as well as a wider set of stairs which lead directly to the site next to the arch. The presence of wastewater, which had been a persistent problem for many years, was resolved by redirecting it to the Ras il-Ħobż treatment plant. The valley was also rehabilitated through the construction of new six small dams allowing better conservation of water.

So for all those fretting about where to get the best panoramic selfie, don’t worry, this window is close by 🙂